Informer Power Users Roadshow

Entrinsik is hitting the road on a five-city tour to educate users on how they can utilize the more advanced features of Informer to extend their reporting capabilities. Each 3-day event is designed for Informer administrators, power users and IT staff who want to expand their technical knowledge of Informer in order to best leverage their organizational investment.

The Roadshow consists of two one-and-a-half day classes.  The first class discusses using JavaScript in Informer calculated columns.  We start by covering some basics of JavaScript in case users are not familiar with the language, since knowing JavaScript is not a prerequisite.  We then proceed to look at different examples of the types of calculated columns that can be written in Informer.  We show how to concatenate fields together (e.g. first name and last name); do math calculations on numeric values; manipulate dates; and handle multi-valued fields (for UniData-based clients).  Each topic has a series of exercises to reinforce the material, and some have more advanced challenges.

The second class in the Informer PowerUsers Road Show gives users the ability to learn about plugins, which allow you to extend the functionality of Informer.  Some plugins we cover include single-sign-on authentication, so users are automatically logged into Informer; row-level security, to secure individual rows of data based on the user running the report; look-and-feel, to change the color scheme and other cosmetics for Informer; and dashboard plugins that add data providers or visualization components.  This workshop is much more technical and does require experience with programming in Java.

The classes can be taken independently.  Individual classes are $750, or $1400 if you decide to take them both.  Below is a list of dates for upcoming Roadshows. 

Date Location
May 21-23, 2013 Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN 


Other dates and locations will be announced as they are scheduled. 

If you have additional questions about the Informer Power Users Roadshow, please email them to

  • Web-based Sales Desk

    Web-based Sales Desk

    Enrole’s largest component of the system, in terms of function, is an information-loaded sales desk dashboard. The sleek and highly intuitive Sales Desk is your one-stop dynamic dashboard app where staff can make multiple registrations and manage the entire database of students, courses, instructors, facilities and historical records. Save in-progress carts to finish processing later, change existing orders with simplicity to amend fees, quantities, or taxes, and quickly substitute or transfer persons to alternative suggested courses. 

    Each dashboard is separated into quadrants for easy and organized viewing with hyperlinks to everything. Recent person, recent order transactions are highly visible, and upcoming sessions with enrollment flags and seat quantities available are right at your fingertips. The fourth quadrant provides a CRM component that takes the hassle out of information inquiries, and simplifies record keeping and workflow by notating comments and to-do tasks anywhere. With easy-to-use Tasks – you can record conversation streams, create actions for yourself and assign action items to others with priority status and due dates.

    Registrations and partial payments are simple with the Pay Now option facilitating quick and easy distribution to single or many orders. Provide enhanced service to your customers from the interactive dashboard linked to all event information, complete all your back office fulfillment activities, view relevant real-time statistics on any system object, and make informed decisions, faster.

  • Web Shopping Cart

    Web Shopping Cart

    The Enrole integrated Web Shopping Cart provides a full e-commerce web solution without creating a parallel web operation. As events / sessions are defined and opened within Enrole, they immediately become part of your online course catalog dynamically and without any duplication of effort.  Topic, fees, instructor, and facility information is automatically pulled together for instant Web display.  Present your course offerings seamlessly within your website reducing your customer service / registration office workload by offloading data entry tasks to purchasers.  

    Customers can search your course catalog by keyword and/or by date, with session availability check and waitlist signup option.  Allow current and past delegates to maintain their profiles online, view future orders, waitlist positioning, track order history, and determine class schedules. Enrole immediately processes payment cards with many integrated third party payment processor's ensuring a PCI compliant solution, with instant order confirmation. At the heart of the Enrole Shopping Cart is a sophisticated driver that connects many other web applications to your Enrole database.  

  • Agile Reporting and BI Solution

    Agile Reporting and BI Solution

    Informer bridges the gap between traditional BI solutions and popular office software to provide users with a reporting, analytical and charting solution that is both powerful and easy-to-use, exporting in a variety of formats obtained from multiple datasources. Drag and drop, autocomplete and in-place editing provides users with an interactive web-based interface that is simple to navigate. Reports can be scheduled to provide email alerts warning of event/session capacity issues, identify follow-up action items, and gain immediate access to data with real time information to identify market opportunities, probable delegates and informed decisions.  

    Empower end-users with on-the-spot information drill downs, interactive sorting and grouping, dynamic charting, and database aggregate analysis, drastically reducing IT support requirements.  Fast access to production databases including UniVerse, UniData, Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2 and others without complex ETL processes, data warehousing, or data cubing. Implemented in hours; easy to install, configure and administer delivering quick ROI and a low total cost of ownership. 

  • Fulfillment Management

    Fulfillment Management

    Enrole provides you with professional-looking results on your program deliverables, including confirmation letters, attendee lists, rosters, tent cards, and badges by mail merge, or just about anything else you need and more including customizable templates. Set up Education Units for each program, and generate earned credit transcripts and certificates.  Manage waitlists and complete session, instructor, facility and coordinator evaluations. 

    Using the Instructor Portal, your Instructors can quickly record attendance, no shows and grades over the web from their home, hotel room or classroom and accumulate attendee hours each day, as well as managing their contact information and online bios. 

  • Event Planning

    Event Planning

    Enrole takes the worry out of managing your programs by providing a clean, integrated interface to define courses, topics, instructors or speakers, and events or conferences. In advance set up the schedules, multiple fee codes, and dates when you want them to appear in the Shopping Cart and let Enrole take care of the updates. 

    When you produce bar-coded badges, you can use the Check-In Kiosk Web Portal to quickly scan in attendees at your conferences and events which will check for registration, outstanding balances, and automatically record date and time of arrival and / or departures if needed. This bar code scanning feature also works for sub-sessions and more.    

  • Event Profitability

    Event Profitability

    Budget upcoming events and optimize best selection ROI using prior list key performance indicators. Make informed decisions by utilizing the budget / actual / variance and break-even analysis on registration numbers, fee amounts, fixed / variable / sunk costs, and on allocated marketing expenses. Analyze event P&L grouped by course, location, or topic area for any period range and forecast your numbers using the projected count facility.

    All this powerful information at your fingertips from your Enrole database as well as producing reports, analytics, charting and dashboards using Informer. 

  • Marketing Mail Plans

    Marketing Mail Plans

    Enrole makes the most of your marketing budget by providing you with a set of easy-to-use tools to fully utilize your internal database while cost effectively managing your mail list use. Efficiently and effectively produce and manage marketing campaigns using Enrole’s Mail Plan process allowing that criteria based on past participation, specific course interests, etc., to market to new registrants and imported contacts whenever you wish. Easily remove rented lists after expiration with the purge option.

    Mine your own database and break up your target audience into smaller groups based on their commonalities. Using Enrole's Marketing Module to define your mail plan targets is a quick and easy way to get your customers back to you.

  • Facilities Management

    Facilities Management

    Optimize facilities usage for both sponsored events and space rental events to outside organizations.  Plan and budget for your events food and beverage menus, AV equipment, and event schedules generating work orders, and rental invoices.  Import your venue's contract agreements and keep everything you need to plan again, all in one place.

  • Extensibility With Web Apps

    Extensibility With Web Apps

    Enrole is your complete and comprehensive business solution.  To that end we have created several Web-based applications such as an Online Shopping Cart, Instructor Portal, Corporate Client Portal, Check-In Kiosk, and an Online Exam/Testing Module.  

  • Self-service ad-hoc data analysis capabilities and interactive dashboards

    Self-service ad-hoc data analysis capabilities and interactive dashboards

    Informer empowers business users with on-the-spot information drill downs, interactive sorting and grouping, dynamic dashboards, and database aggregate analysis, drastically reducing IT support requirements.

  • Combine real-time data from multiple databases or applications without complex data modeling

    Combine real-time data from multiple databases or applications without complex data modeling

    Easily connect to all of your organizational data across multiple applications and databases, including Microsoft® SQL Server, Informix®, Oracle®, IBM DB2®, MySQL, Microsoft Access®, UniData®, UniVerse® and more, plus data sources like warehouses and spreadsheets, without requiring complex ETL processes, warehousing or cubing to stage data.

  • Interactive visualizations and dashboards

    Interactive visualizations and dashboards

    Informer Dashboards allow users to customize and integrate data from multiple sources into personalized views. With an easy and interactive interface, non-technical users can visually explore data by creating customized dashboards simply by dragging and dropping.

  • Web-based, flexible, extensible operational BI platform

    Web-based, flexible, extensible operational BI platform

    Informer's 100% Java-driven architecture and web-based interface provides a quick and easy way to create and deploy a feature-rich BI solution with an intuitive drag-and-drop method for creating dashboards and reports. 

  • Integrate Informer with desktop functions

    Integrate Informer with desktop functions

    Informer Integrates with other familiar applications on the front end including PDF, Email, and LIVE Excel providing business users with additional popular and useful methods of applying analysis to data.

  • Intuitive interface designed for end users

    Intuitive interface designed for end users

    Built leveraging Google Web Tookit (GWT), Informer’s drag and drop, autocomplete and in-place editing capabilities provide users with an interactive web 2.0 interface that is simple to navigate.

  • Quick and easy deployment and training

    Quick and easy deployment and training

    Informer can be implemented in hours to support any number of users on any platform, all without extensive professional services. Easy to install, configure and administer delivering quick ROI and a low total cost of ownership. 

Improve performance and boost your bottom line by tracking, understanding and managing data with Informer.

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