Informer 4.4: What’s New in the New Release

Exciting and much-anticipated news…

Informer version 4.4 has been released! This newest version includes routine maintenance and bug fixes as well as a host of new features, including:

Import/Export – export an entire system, one or more datasources, or just a single dashboard or report. The download is in a modified text format so it can be edited without need for re-export. Import into a compatible system based on version.

Categories – create nested folder-like structures to organize your reports and perform bulk operations on them. Categories may be cross referenced against datasources; also includes a quick view of the reports that you own.


Enhanced Stored Procedure support - create template like wrappers around prompted arguments for complicated stored procedure parameter types. Use code files to create enumerated parameter prompts. Develop custom plugins to create dynamic parameter types through a simple API.


Multivalued View – inline groups of data allows for collation among common fields to produce a parent – child view in a single row

Security Audit – report on data access permission for any set of principals and any securable hierarchy.

My Reports/Recently Added – view only those reports owned by your unique user id, or view reports recently created.

Personal Dashboard URLs – access a tailored view of relevant dashboards by using a unique URL based on user ID.

Email System Information – automatically populate an email with all of your Informer system information for licensing and upgrades

For current customers: To upgrade your system to the newest version, email or call 888-703-0016.

Interested in more information about Informer? Contact us for a personalized demo or a free 30 day trial!

Important Announcement! Release of Informer’s New Test Drive Feature

Entrinsik has officially released the new Test Drive feature of our Informer software!

The new test drive allows visitors interested in experiencing Informer to access a free trial version of the software instantly on their own web browser. Within this trial version of Informer, an example report and interactive dashboard have been created for visitors to view and manipulate themselves in order to get a feel for Informer’s basic capabilities and user-friendly interface.


Test drive users will be able to see how Informer’s intuitive web interface provides quick, easy access to ad-hoc reporting, self-service data analysis and interactive dashboarding capabilities, without obligation or installing a single component. Access is fast and easy; visitors just fill out a simple form and login information is sent directly to their inbox.

“We wanted a way for people to be able to easily experience Informer first-hand,” said Sharon Shelton, VP of Marketing at Entrinsik. “We can tell people how easy it is to use and about its robust functionality, but being able to ‘test drive’ the software itself allows users to prove it to themselves.”

The Informer Test Drive is free to try and there is no time limit for use. Interested parties can visit to sign up for immediate access. The test drive is meant to show users the intuitive interface and basic capabilities of Informer. A full trial version is available for free for 30 days and can be accessed by emailing Entrinsik at

Entrinsik Informer is recognized as being an innovative solution in data management, providing access to real-time data from multiple sources, in-depth analytic capabilities, and intuitive data visualizations, all accessible anytime, anywhere from an end-user friendly web-based interface.

About Entrinsik

Entrinsik Informer is an innovative, award-winning, agile reporting and business intelligence solution used by tens of thousands around the world. To get started on a free trial visit For additional details or a personalized DEMO, contact Sales at or call 888-703-0016.

Webinar Highlights: Coastal Carolina Delivers Informer Dashboards Via Mobile App

We recently partnered with Coastal Carolina University to present a live webinar that aired on Wednesday, December 4th, as part of our customer-led webinar series. In case you missed it, you can download the webinar recording on our website by clicking here.

Fadi Baroody of Coastal Carolina joined Tim Nicholson and Sharon Shelton of Entrinsik in presenting the University’s experiences with Informer BI & Reporting, focusing on the adaptation of Informer Dashboards within a mobile environment. We’ve provided a brief overview and some key highlights of the presentation below. We would like to thank Fadi for his excellent presentation!

Coastal Carolina has been using Ellucian Colleague since 1994 and has been an Informer customer for 5-7 years. When upper management and University board members began requesting visualizations that could be viewed quickly and on-demand, the University decided to implement Informer Dashboards in 2012.

After adding Dashboards to their live account, users at CCU were able to immediately begin creating important dashboards based on the specific KPIs that administration wanted to see. Dashboards were designed for the Board of Trustees, Administration, Faculty, and Staff in order to see a quick overview of the University’s performance.

In order to eliminate the need for management to log in to Informer to view dashboards, CCU decided to create a custom application that would allow users to view specific dashboard visualizations on their mobile devices. To do this, a staff web developer created an HTML application (built for iPad but works with any device) and simply took the embed code available within Informer to insert visualizations.

The application requires users to input their normal University username and password to log in, and offers categories (Admissions, Enrollment, etc.) to choose from. Within each category, a list of available dashboards are ready to view.

Within Informer, Dashboard creators are able to set automatic refresh rates for each visualization, so mobile viewers are always seeing real-time, accurate data. Additionally, dashboard visualizations in the mobile application are still interactive; users can click in a graph or chart to remove or replace criteria and instantly see changes.

After Informer Dashboards became used more and more throughout campus with increasing numbers of users wanting use of the mobile application, Informer administrators needed to expand the mobile offerings. Within larger categories, sub-categories were created to expand the number of available dashboards, simply by adding to the application’s HTML code.

In the future, CCU plans to continue adding to and adapting the mobile application to make it easier for more users to access the data they need without having to log into Informer. A current project that administrators are working on will allow end-users to log into the application, define their own categories, select their own dashboards, and embed the code from Informer directly into their application page themselves. This would eliminate the need for programmers to create individual category sets and dashboard lists for each University department that wanted access to the application, allowing end-users to customize pages based on what they specifically wanted to see, all without ever logging into Informer.

“This is a prime example of how a product is so flexible that you can do different things with it and evolve it to fit what your needs are.”

About Coastal Carolina University (from

Coastal Carolina University is a dynamic, public comprehensive liberal arts institution located in Conway, just minutes from the resort area of Myrtle Beach, S.C. The University offers 66 areas of study toward the baccalaureate degree and seven master’s degree programs in accountancy, business administration, education, marine and wetland studies, and writing. Ten new undergraduate degree programs include biochemistry, economics, graphic design, information systems, intelligence and national security, musical theatre, theatre arts, as well as criminology, health and aging, and social justice tracks in sociology.

About Entrinsik Informer

Entrinsik Informer is an agile reporting and business intelligence (BI) solution delivering ad-hoc reporting, self-service data analysis, and interactive dashboards in one complete solution. Informer’s intuitive, web-based interface is easy to navigate, enabling users to access data from multiple sources to create and customize their own reports and dashboards on demand. For a demonstration or a free trial, visit, call 888-703-0016 or email