Agile Reporting and Business Intelligence

Award-winning Informer software combines essential functionality with ease-of-use.

Today's highly competitive environment rewards timely, data-supported decisions. Many organizations have lots of data but no quick and easy way to gain critical insights from the data to make the best day-to-day decisions. 

Entrinsik Informer helps organizations do just that by delivering ad-hoc reporting and dashboards in one complete solution.

Quick, Easy Acccess to Multiple Data Sources

Entrinsik Informer is an agile, web-based reporting business intelligence solution that integrates real-time data from multiple sources without requiring an ETL (Extract, Transfer, Load) process. Informer provides easy navigation and dynamic linking across multiple data sources including Microsoft® SQL Server, Informix®, Oracle®, IBM DB2®, MySQL, U2™, Google Docs, Excel, data warehouses and more for ad-hoc reporting and data analysis.

Informer’s flexible, highly securable architecture performs queries against LIVE data from source systems using JDBC and ODBC drivers or proprietary connection libraries reducing data latency, minimizing cost and time to deploy, and supporting real-time, fact-based decisions.
Ad-hoc, Self-Service BI for Business Users
Unlike traditional BI reporting solutions, Informer is built to be truly self-service. Non-technical users can quickly and easily create, modify, and deliver their own reports based on their customized needs by using Informer’s intuitive, drag-and-drop user interface. Robust security options allow end users to access only the data that is relevant to their job role or function, taking out the worry and confusion of reporting against massive amounts of irrelevant data.
End users can modify report run-time parameters to produce data sets that they can then dynamically group, sort, aggregate, pivot, chart, download, and/or visualize for personalized data views. Informer reduces the burden on stretched IT staffs trying to keep up with the constant demand for new reports and analysis by putting intuitive self-service BI tools into the hands of business users, allowing them to get immediate answers to questions and respond more quickly to business changes.
Install in Minutes. Deploy in Days. Quick ROI. 
Informer installs in minutes with deployment to users in days providing a quick ROI.  Implementation is fast because it leverages existing database and report infrastructures without having to create a separate data warehouse or cubes. 
See For Yourself. Take the Test Drive!
Our new "Test Drive" feature provides an opportunity to explore Informer's reporting, analysis, and dashboard capabilities so you can quickly and easily evaluate how Informer creates value for your business. The Test Drive is designed to let you experience the user-friendly interface and basic capabilities of Informer with a simple example report and dashboard for you to experiment with at your leisure. To sign up for instant access, click here
If you would like to experience the full version of Informer, you can access the full FREE 30 Day Trial to try Informer for yourself.  Informer delivers self-service reporting, ad-hoc data analysis, and interactive dashboards faster than ever before, ideal for organizations that need an agile, web-based solution that taps directly into multiple data sources. More than 1,000 organizations around the world use Informer across various industries including Higher Education, Insurance, Manufacturing & Distribution, Healthcare, Public Safety, Not-for-Profit and many others.
Informer is one of the most competitively priced reporting and BI solutions on the market, and can easily be embedded or added to your current data management environment. Contact one of our qualified sales representatives today to request a quote for your organization or department.
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  • Self-service ad-hoc data analysis capabilities and interactive dashboards

    Self-service ad-hoc data analysis capabilities and interactive dashboards

    Informer empowers business users with on-the-spot information drill downs, interactive sorting and grouping, dynamic dashboards, and database aggregate analysis, drastically reducing IT support requirements.

  • Combine real-time data from multiple databases or applications without complex data modeling

    Combine real-time data from multiple databases or applications without complex data modeling

    Easily connect to all of your organizational data across multiple applications and databases, including Microsoft® SQL Server, Informix®, Oracle®, IBM DB2®, MySQL, Microsoft Access®, UniData®, UniVerse® and more, plus data sources like warehouses and spreadsheets, without requiring complex ETL processes, warehousing or cubing to stage data.

  • Interactive visualizations and dashboards

    Interactive visualizations and dashboards

    Informer Dashboards allow users to customize and integrate data from multiple sources into personalized views. With an easy and interactive interface, non-technical users can visually explore data by creating customized dashboards simply by dragging and dropping.

  • Web-based, flexible, extensible operational BI platform

    Web-based, flexible, extensible operational BI platform

    Informer's 100% Java-driven architecture and web-based interface provides a quick and easy way to create and deploy a feature-rich BI solution with an intuitive drag-and-drop method for creating dashboards and reports. 

  • Integrate Informer with desktop functions

    Integrate Informer with desktop functions

    Informer Integrates with other familiar applications on the front end including PDF, Email, and LIVE Excel providing business users with additional popular and useful methods of applying analysis to data.

  • Intuitive interface designed for end users

    Intuitive interface designed for end users

    Built leveraging Google Web Tookit (GWT), Informer’s drag and drop, autocomplete and in-place editing capabilities provide users with an interactive web 2.0 interface that is simple to navigate.

  • Quick and easy deployment and training

    Quick and easy deployment and training

    Informer can be implemented in hours to support any number of users on any platform, all without extensive professional services. Easy to install, configure and administer delivering quick ROI and a low total cost of ownership. 

Improve performance and boost your bottom line by tracking, understanding and managing data with Informer.

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