Informer 5: Data Discovery
and Analytics Platform

Entrinsik Informer allows users across your organization to collect, blend, analyze, and visualize key business data from one integrated platform.

With scalable, enterprise-level performance and an intuitive modern interface, Informer is the choice for over 1500 organizations in several different industries including Higher Education, Banking and Insurance, Manufacturing and Distribution, Government and several others.

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High touch implementation and deployment support, industry-specific expertise, and governed self service data discovery. That’s Entrinsik Informer.

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Access Your Data

Database agnostic connectivity to potentially any data source, structured or unstructured.
Drag and drop support for importing popular data formats, such as Excel, CSV, or JSON.



Prepare Your Data

Cleanse and organize data as it comes into Informer for data integrity. Generate subsets of relevant data to provide a single source of truth for end users to perform data analysis.



Visualize Your Data

Informer’s intelligent suggestion feature offers relevant, meaningful visualizations that can then be published, shared and embedded. Informer guides you step-by-step as you personalize visualizations.



Secure Your Data

Informer’s user and team level security includes role-based permissions, versioning, and data trace-ability for reliable and easy to manage data governance.


Interact With Your Data

End users can perform their own ad-hoc analysis by creating reports and visuals that can be configured, drilled into, and personalized without IT assistance.


Share Your Data

“Teams” enable related users to collaborate on data analysis, share insights securely, and share visualizations inside websites and portals with a simple hyperlink.

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Who uses Informer?

Informer helps organizations get the most out of their data by providing critical insight into all aspects of business operations. Regardless of job role or technical experience, Informer’s data discovery and analytics platform ensures your organization has the agility required to react to dynamic business conditions and ever increasing sources of data.



Department Managers
Access LIVE departmental data to analyze and answer key business questions as conditions change


Business Analysts
Easily perform multi-dimensional data analysis to respond more quickly to business demands


Database Administrators
Streamlined, straightforward web-based implementation, deployment and system maintenance


Business Users
Customize your own data discovery, ad-hoc analysis, and dashboard creation instead of relying on IT


Company Executives
Analyze, monitor key business metrics with real-time reports and visualizations when you need them


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What our customers think of Informer

I can send out or embed a dashboard for others to see but control at an admin level who can see and drill down into the data behind it. The security in Informer is very granular and it’s been great to be able to control access to everything down to the row level. We know exactly who has access to what data.
Jesse Owsley SMC Electric Supply