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Performance  Tracking and Marketing Improvement

Optimize direct mail and email marketing with thorough data mining and real-time list performance analysis


System Integration

Maximize productivity by integrating your legacy systems and scheduling automation of most daily processes


One-stop Clickable Interface

Comprehensive Dashboards provide clear and easy to navigate hyperlinks to all of your data, all on one interface


Event Planning

Easily set up and show online any event or course with a comprehensive step-by-step Event Wizard enabling ad-hoc creation

Dynamic management

Web-based and hosted, flexible registration, course management, and ecommerce solutions from one dynamic and intuitive hub. Manage events with real-time profitability analysis, automated email correspondence, and flexible enrollment options. Deliver dynamic data to web-apps, with secure payment processing and no duplication of effort.

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Happy clients
We’ve worked with Entrinsik for 20 years...this product is really our bread and butter. We have three databases - for our programmes in Canada, the US and the UK - and each has more than 700,000 constituents. There really is no other product in this price point that does what it does for us every day.
Glen Williams C5 Group Inc

Web-Based Platform

A full dynamic ecommerce and internal platform of tools for staff, students, and instructors. Quick training, easy to use and extensive controls for administrative security on a hosted and web-based system.

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