Informer Power Users Roadshow

Entrinsik is hitting the road on a five-city tour to educate users on how they can utilize the more advanced features of Informer to extend their reporting capabilities. Each 3-day event is designed for Informer administrators, power users and IT staff who want to expand their technical knowledge of Informer in order to best leverage their organizational investment.

The Roadshow consists of two one-and-a-half day classes.  The first class discusses using JavaScript in Informer calculated columns.  We start by covering some basics of JavaScript in case users are not familiar with the language, since knowing JavaScript is not a prerequisite.  We then proceed to look at different examples of the types of calculated columns that can be written in Informer.  We show how to concatenate fields together (e.g. first name and last name); do math calculations on numeric values; manipulate dates; and handle multi-valued fields (for UniData-based clients).  Each topic has a series of exercises to reinforce the material, and some have more advanced challenges.

The second class in the Informer PowerUsers Road Show gives users the ability to learn about plugins, which allow you to extend the functionality of Informer.  Some plugins we cover include single-sign-on authentication, so users are automatically logged into Informer; row-level security, to secure individual rows of data based on the user running the report; look-and-feel, to change the color scheme and other cosmetics for Informer; and dashboard plugins that add data providers or visualization components.  This workshop is much more technical and does require experience with programming in Java.

The classes can be taken independently.  Individual classes are $750, or $1400 if you decide to take them both.  Below is a list of dates for upcoming Roadshows. 

Date Location
May 21-23, 2013 Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN 


Other dates and locations will be announced as they are scheduled. 

If you have additional questions about the Informer Power Users Roadshow, please email them to

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