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The Informer Partner Program is designed for consultants, value added resellers (VARs), systems integrators and application partners (ISVs) that offer services and products complementary to Informer's web reporting and analysis solution.

Entrinsik offers a software developers kit (SDK) for extending the Informer environment via a plug-in framework that both customers and partners can use. The toolkit can be used to create default reports, metadata, new security drivers, a customized interface, hooks into legacy business logic and other extensions. Informer plug-ins are particularly useful for partners that co-brand Informer and embed it in their own products.

Embed BI into your application with proven technology. Access your free trial today.

→ Referral Partners

Informer's Referral Program is the quickest and easiest way to join our partner program. It's a great way to get started working with the Informer team and allows you to begin offering a proven reporting solution to your customers immediately.

The Referral Program is perfect for consultants and application providers/ISVs who are not interested in additional sales, support and billing responsibilities and as part of the program, Informer Partners receive the tools they need to promote Informer to their customer base.

→ Reseller Partners

The Informer team will work with Reseller Partners to set up marketing and sales programs, while frontline support, training and any additional consulting services are provided by the Partner (with assistance from Entrinsik). Our Partners offer Informer as part of their solution to build relationships and deliver ongoing value to customers.

→ OEM Partners

Informer OEM Partners are organizations that have chosen to integrate Informer within their own application or solution offering. This way, they can focus on investing R&D resources into building and evolving their core application and competency.

Partner Toolkit

The Informer Partner Toolkit is a suite of tools enabling seamless integration with your core offering. Working with our team of engineers, we can assist you in modifying Informer's look and feel as well as system behavior - supporting such features as single sign-on, custom result filtering, pre-packaging Informer with known quality reports and other Informer objects, etc.
After your customers complete the point and click 2-minute install, they will instantly have access to all reports, metas, and system changes you've built - a truly customized, integrated reporting solution.
Embed BI into your application with proven technology. Access your free trial today.

"Aptron's software suites are made up of several applications that rely on a single data store and can be customized for individual institutions, and we chose Informer because it provided a highly intuitive conduit to this valuable data."
— Tom Makosky, President of Aptron Corporation
"Informer significantly enhanced our overall product offering, which is particularly valuable in today's competitive sales climate. With Informer, we give our clients easy access to their data, which means improved revenue streams for their organizations. In return, we've gained unprecedented advantages in the marketplace and very happy clients."
— George Land, Chairman, APT Solutions Ltd
"Informer provides our customers with secure access to their data in real-time to create compelling reports quickly and easily. Our customers can now automatically run and schedule reports utilizing our Pre-Established Report Library and can also link EnRoute data directly to Excel for Live analysis."
— Margaret Moran, Director of Sales at EnRoute Emergency Systems
"Informer provides a feature-rich reporting solution for our PHA customers like the San Francisco Housing Authority, providing access to information when and where they need it. We researched other organizations offering reporting tools for UniVerse and UniData databases and identified the clear leader within the space was Informer."
— Greg Clarke, Director of Technical Services, Progenixx, Inc.
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