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Partnering with Entrinsik.

Entrinsik partners with solution providers across various industries to deliver market-driven solutions that leverage the latest technology.  Partnering with Entrinsik enables solution providers to achieve greater market exposure and expand business and revenue opportunities by delivering a powerful, proven, intuitive web-based reporting solution to their customers.

Current Partners...

  • Adeptive Software logo

    Adeptive Software

    Adeptive develops products that deliver efficiency, flexibility, and scalability for the real estate title industry. Adeptive’s flagship product, ResWare, is a title production and process flow software package that can be scaled and customized for any size company.

  • SugarCRM logo


    SugarCRM enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable CRM solution in the market. Recognized by leading market analysts as a "visionary" company, Sugar is deployed by over 1.5 million individuals in 120 countries and 26 languages. As a certified partner, Entrinsik provides real-time reporting, data analysis and interactive dashboards that extend the value of SugarCRM systems. 

  • basys logo


    basys provides leading benefits and claims administration solutions to over 2,500 benefit plans in the United States and Canada. Since its inception in 1977, basys has helped benefit plans work harder, smarter and more efficiently, so that everyone benefits. basys utilizes Entrinsik Informer in running its InsightXG platform, giving basys clients the ability to access crucial data instantly via the web, create ad-hoc reports in real-time, and experience true self-service analytics with an intuitive platform interface.

  • KeyedIn Solutions logo

    KeyedIn Solutions

    KeyedIn Solutions helps organizations quickly improve business results. The company’s Cloud-based software systems provide a more flexible, scalable and affordable means to simplify processes, improve performance and gain a competitive edge. KeyedIn offers a true SaaS model making its solutions affordable for both large enterprises and small businesses. Learn more at

  • Pick Cloud, Inc. logo

    Pick Cloud, Inc.

    Pick Cloud Inc., located in Newport Beach, CA and founded by Mark Pick (son of Dick Pick), provides a cost effective, worry free, secure, environment while at the same time preserving and rejuvenating MultiValue applications through smarter processes and more efficient technology. More information aboutPick Cloud, Inc.’s products and services can be found at Pick Cloud offers Informer as a reporting and data analysis solution with a long and successful history of working in MultiValue environments.

  • Ellucian logo


    Over 300 Colleague® by Ellucian colleges and universities use Entrinsik Informer every day for reporting and data analysis. Ellucian has a formal network of companies with extensive higher education domain expertise. This partner network is comprised of product and service providers that furnish proven software applications, hardware, and services that complement and extend Ellucian's software and service offerings. This network of relationships is central to Ellucian's commitment to delivering solutions that enable higher education institutions to augment the capabilities of their digital campus. Learn more at:

  • Epicom logo


    Epicom customizes, supports and hosts high-performance web-based Customer Relationship Management systems. Our expertise is helping U.S. and overseas companies large and small improve their profits and outpace their competition. Epicom has completed hundreds of successful CRM projects and is one of Sugar’s leading North American Gold Partners. Our focus is on consulting and executing complex SugarCRM deployments, customizations and integrations. For more information, call 512-481-9000, email, or visit the Epicom website at

  • Media Services Group logo

    Media Services Group

    Media Services Group is a full-service publishing software company, offering integrated solutions for global media businesses. Today more than 10,000 publishing professionals actively use and depend on MSGL applications at over 400 media companies around the world. In June of 2007, MSGL announced the release of the new Élan™ Framework, inaugurating a new generation of industry-focused software built to support the latest trends and technologies in publishing. More information online at

  • TigerLogic Corporation logo

    TigerLogic Corporation

    By implementing Informer, organizations using TigerLogic's D3 database can offer end users a single point of access to multiple data sources in real time.  Self-service, on demand report customization capabilities enable users to query, analyze, deliver and display operational data in any way they choose without IT assistance.  Along with comprehensive security management at the user and data levels, Informer’s ease of use allows deployment of Informer across organizations in days, not months.

    "With Informer, developers can easily offer an integrated, flexible reporting solution that delivers the real-time insight their customers need to manage day-to-day operations."
    -- Janet Cioffi-Kennedy, Vice President Sales at TigerLogic Corporation

  • Infor EnRoute logo

    Infor EnRoute

    Infor EnRoute provides leading computer-aided dispatch and records management systems for emergency services such as law enforcement and toll highway agencies, fire departments, and ambulance service companies. Informer provides a real-time, integrated Web Reporting Environmnet for their customers. 
    "Informer provides our customers with secure access to their data in real-time to create compelling reports quickly and easily. Our customers can now automatically run and schedule reports utilizing our Pre-Established Report Library and can also link EnRoute data directly to Excel for Live analysis." 
    -- Margaret Moran, Director of Sales at EnRoute
  • APT Solutions logo

    APT Solutions

    APT Solutions is the primary distributor of IBM's UniVerse and UniData (U2) Databases in the United Kingdom and distributes Informer Web Reporting Software in the UK and Ireland. APT maintains a successful VAR relationship with Entrinsik, selling an integrated version of Entrinsik's Informer Web Reporting Software with its own popular enterprise software for the not-for-profit industry, as well as distributing Informer Web Reporting as part of it's total solution offering for U2 customers in the UK. 
    "Informer significantly enhanced our overall product offering, which is particularly valuable in today's competitive sales climate. With Informer, we give our clients easy access to their data, which means improved revenue streams for their organizations. In return, we've gained unprecedented advantages in the marketplace and very happy clients." 
    -- George Land, Chairman, APT Solutions Ltd
  • FW Davison logo

    FW Davison

    Entrinsik and FW Davison used the Informer VAR Toolkit to create a truly embedded Web Reporting experience for customers of their HRPyramid software. HRPyramid customers in turn offer Informer Web Reporting to their customers - all the while ensuring tight security throughout the application. 
    "Embedding Informer enables our HRPyramid customers to deliver a feature-rich, secure, intuitive web reporting solution to their clients. We are very excited to bring Informer reporting capabilities to our hosted customers." 
    -- Scott Hastings, CEO of FW Davison
  • CompuGroup Medical logo

    CompuGroup Medical

    CompuGroup Medical's physician practice solutions and hospital billing systems help healthcare providers, staff and administrators overcome the obstacles to maintaining an efficient, cost-effective and patient-centered organization. CompuGroup's customers benefit from a completely embedded custom version of Informer Web Reporting solution. Seamless integration, from security to user interface design, ensures CompuGroup customers experience the most intuitive, user-friendly web reporting available. 

  • AVATECH logo


    The AVATECH Company is a leading provider of high quality IT solutions for the industrial, governmental and educational sectors. AVATECH has an excellent name for professional software tools: PC Remote Control, Remote Access and several products in the field of PC based education are first-class tools sold chiefly to companies, authorities and schools. As a Rocket Master VAR, AVATECH offers professional developers software for application development, databases and web integration tools. By partnering with Entrinsik, businesses throughout Europe that rely on AVATECH solutions to run their business now have a single point of access to reports where they can query any data source, regardless of where it is stored, in real time. 

  • Autopower logo


    Autopower Corporation, a leader in providing tailored-to-fit integrated warehouse distribution business systems, has partnered with Entrinsik to offer their customers an affordable, easy to use reporting solution that quickly provides intuitive access to Autopower data. Autopower's next-generation solutions exceed the new levels of supply-chain efficiency demands on the automotive and heavy-duty aftermarket distributor. 

  • Execu-Sys, Ltd. logo

    Execu-Sys, Ltd.

    Execu-Sys, Ltd. is a premier Information Technology recruiting/consulting firm and authorized IBM U2 Reseller. By partnering with Entrinsik, Execu-Sys clients now have access to a reporting solution with customization and ad-hoc reporting capabilities that enable end users to query any data source, regardless of where it is stored across relational or MultiValue data. With only a few mouse clicks, organizations have a single point of access to dynamic reports via Informer's easy-to-navigate user interface. 

  • SJ+ Systems Associates logo

    SJ+ Systems Associates

    SJ+ Systems Associates, the leading supplier of software development lifecycle and IT governance software for Multivalue users has announced beta availability of its PRC® solution with Entrinsik's Informer Web Reporting Utility. With the addition of the Web-based Informer tool, PRC customers will experience a fully integrated, intuitive platform for reporting, enabling them to easily access data directly from PRC and view the data in HTML, Excel or PDF formats and e-mail reports. They will also be given the option to extend Informer reporting capability across the rest of their databases. 
    "Some of our newer customers consider auditor's reports as the primary deliverable of their PRC implementation, while others have simply not been taking advantage of the wealth of information and metrics being collected. In either case, the addition of Informer can help them easily create attractive, functional and useful reports that go beyond mere compliance. We were impressed with the beautiful job Entrinsik did with the tool, and are pleased to offer it to our customers." 
    -- Susan Joslyn, President SJ+
  • Progenixx logo


    Progenixx Inc. is a developer of state-of-the-art software for Public Housing Authorities. Entrinsik and Progenixx have established a partnership to provide Progenixx customers with Informer Web Reporting, a powerful web-based reporting solution enabling agencies to access information anytime, anywhere. 

    "Informer provides us with a feature-rich reporting solution for our Public Housing Authority customers, like the San Francisco Housing Authority, providing access to information when and where they need it. We researched other organizations offering reporting tools for UniVerse and UniData databases and identified the clear leader within the space was Informer." 
    -- Greg Clarke, Director of Technical Services at Progenixx

  • Paciolan logo


    Paciolan is the leading provider of ticketing, marketing and fund development solutions for college athletics, performing arts, museums, arenas, and professional sports organizations. Paciolan and Entrinsik partnered to completely integrate Informer into their core software. Their ASP customers now have user friendly web reporting access to their ticket information. 

    "Having a web-based front end to get data out of the system and looking at web-based reports is much more appealing to end-users. And working with Entrinsik has been a very positive experience. You could not ask for better customer service." 
    -- David Raber, Chief Product and Technology Officer

  • Aptron logo


    Aptron Corporation is a leading provider of comprehensive enterprise systems for Colleges and Universities. They have partnered with Entrinsik to provide Aptron customers with an intuitive web reporting tool for accessing data in real time. Aptron continuously pursues a total solution approach for their customers and Informer provides a great complement to their existing offering. 

    "Aptron's software suites are made up of several applications that rely on a single data store and can be customized for individual institutions, and we chose Informer because it provided a highly intuitive conduit to this valuable data."
    -- Tom Makosky, President of Aptron Corporation

  • Maxwell Systems logo

    Maxwell Systems

    Maxwell Systems is a leading provider of complete construction business management and property management software solutions and services. Founded in 1975, Maxwell Systems is dedicated to helping its 10,000 customers streamline their estimating, job cost accounting, and project management processes and improve profitability. Maxwell's partnership with Entrinsik allows them to offer clients technology that helps them to easily perform multidimensional reporting and analysis in faster and more powerful ways than ever before. Learn more at

  • Meir Business Systems logo

    Meir Business Systems

    Meir Business Systems is a Value Added Distributor and IT services company that is the leading supplier of Rocket Software and IBM products in the Asia Pacific region. With over 14 years experience working with Rocket Software and IBM our sales and technical teams are not only the most experienced in the region, they pride themselves on supporting customers and channel partners alike with product knowledge and technical information on these software products. For all web-based reporting enquiries in Australia, New Zealand and Asia, please contact the team at MBS.

  • Campana logo


    Campana Systems Inc., an international leader in integrated information solutions for the AAA/CAA auto club industry, and Entrinsik, Inc. have announced a Partnership to provide Campana's AXIS customers with Informer, an easy-to-use, feature-rich reporting tool for extracting data and generating reports in real time via the Web.

  • Hitech Systems logo

    Hitech Systems

    Hitech's mission is to provide highly reliable, customizable and cost-effective solutions to meet the increasingly complex system integration challenges of forward-thinking public safety agencies. Many public safety agencies have been Hitech customers for more than twenty years. Hitech has entered into a Partnership providing their customers with Informer for an easy-to-use, feature-rich reporting tool for accessing data in real time. 

  • Wynne Systems logo

    Wynne Systems

    Wynne Systems, Inc., an international provider of enterprise software for the equipment and rental industries, this week announced a partnership with Entrinsik, Inc. to integrate Entrinsik’s Informer web-based reporting software into its Wynne Systems product suite. Informer is an award-winning business intelligence solution that provides a self-service reporting and analysis environment over the Web.

    “Our integration with Informer gives our clients — and their customers — real-time insights into the management of their assets and operations.”
    -- Larry Christensen, senior sales executive for Wynne Systems

  • Primac logo


    Primac Systems, a Vercom Company, known for its strong market knowledge and versatility in the printing area and the graphic arts industry fully integrated Informer into their application software. Primac is very pleased to offer such a powerful, intuitive reporting option to their customers. 
    "Informer fits perfectly within our strategic direction of providing added value to our users. The ease with which Informer lets us structure access to complex multi-value PRIMAC data is hard to beat." 
    -- Faisal Bhombal, Director of Technology, Primac Systems
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