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All the resources you need to succeed with Informer.

Informer’s user interface is designed with an emphasis on usability and flexibility. Implementation, integration, and deployment support often remain key elements to rapid end user acceptance.   Taking advantage of Entrinsik’s training and support options can make the software employment process much easier.

Entrinsik offers various options for technical and end user training to help you get the most out of your investment in Informer and Dashboards.  Whether you need to train new analysts or administrators who use or maintain the system of if you need to learn about the latest and greatest added capability, we have a flexible training model which fits your needs and budget and ensures success with your Informer implementation.


Business Consulting and KPI Development 

At times customers may feel they need business consulting assistance to help define success at their organization.  Entrinsik offers a host of business consulting services to help clients with various organizational challenges:
  • Making recommendations on security models appropriate to your deployment
  • Help in defining key performance measures at every level of the organization
  • Help in determining best practices in real time vs. warehouse decisions
  • Incorporating Informer  in strategic system conversion and data cleanup initiatives

Personalized Curriculum and Delivery Options

Entrinsik appreciates that no two client organizations will ever look or act the same, and therefore Entrinsik offers a variety of ways to get the support that you need, where and when you need it.  Training can be delivered on-site or via the Web and we can tailor the content of what is presented to meet your needs.

FREE On-Demand Resources 

We offer several FREE resources, including step-by-step YouTube “how-to” videos and recorded webinars to immediately assist you and your team in utilizing Informer‘s capabilities.
To receive more information or to schedule an in-person or web training session, email us at or call 888-703-0016, ext. 123.
"Everyone ... was very pleased about the way you demonstrated the product in the ‘Real World’. They could follow, relate, and learn 
how to create reports they will actually use.”  -- George Nikola | Datatel Programmer & Project Manager, Dean College
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