Intuitive. Integrated. Intelligent.

Informer’s modern interface, created with Material Design standards, makes self-service reporting possible for ALL users, regardless of technical ability. End users can create personalized reports and dashboards on their own, freeing up IT staff to focus on other tasks.

Informer’s inclusive platform means no switching interfaces for different functionality. Answer real-time questions on the fly by filtering governed data, drilling down or pivoting for multi-dimensional analysis, collaborate with other users, all within Informer.


Data source agnostic

Easily connect to ALL your data, structured or unstructured, across multiple applications and databases, including Microsoft® SQL Server, Informix®, Oracle®, IBM DB2®, MySQL, Microsoft Access®, UniData®, UniVerse®, D3, Google Docs, data warehouses, spreadsheets and much more.

Informer gives users at Ruhl & Ruhl choices on how they want to assemble, schedule and deliver reports. The result is improved time to decision and end-user satisfaction, drastically reducing the cost of creating, maintaining and delivering reports.
Tim J. Smith Ruhl & Ruhl Insurance
Informer 5 Sales Dashboard

Intelligent visualization guidance

With Discover, easily create and share interactive, customizable charts, graphs and other visualizations; then drill down into underlying data regardless of where it lives. Email reports and visualizations to coworkers and managers, even embed into other websites. 

Informer’s intelligent suggestion feature immediately offers visualizations meaningful to data sets you are working with that can be published, shared, embedded with a simple hyperlink. 

Curated data sets for end user analysis

Informer utilizes data sets, customizable subsets of larger data stores that give end users a smaller, pre-selected set of data to work with. Data sets provide a single source of truth for users without the need for burdensome datasource querying. Then collaborate with team members to facilitate work flows.


Informer 5 Sales Dataset
Informer 5 Sales Flow Steps

Cleansing with data flows

Data flows allow users to organize and cleanse data as it comes into Informer. No duplication of effort and no messy or unnecessary data importing means data integrity from the start. Manipulate your data once inside Informer – add details and logic, create new content, etc.

Data governance and security

Built-in security framework provides user and group level permissions and access control. Organize users into teams. Comprehensive security options ensure end users access only the data that is relevant to their job role or function, and includes versioning and data traceability.


Scalable, enterprise-level performance

Informer handles tons of data with fast data rendering and can scale to fit the needs of the smallest to the largest businesses. Easy to install, configure and administer, Informer delivers quick ROI and a predictable total cost of ownership.

Integrate with Desktop functions

Informer integrates with familiar front-end applications providing business users with additional popular and useful methods of applying analysis to data. Informer is built for agility – it’s your data, the way you need to see it.