Enrole is built on the foundation of its robust and reliable predecessor, Semtek, and features a brand new user interface that offers users an easy, intuitive, point-and-click experience unlike any other software on the market today. Enrole’s simplified operations and streamlined functions are consolidated in one environment.


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It’s Easy for Everyone

Enrole is a hosted and web-based registration and course management system built with a clear, intuitive user interface for easy training and deployment.

It’s Dynamic and Interactive

Interactive dashboards allow you to dynamically create, schedule, allocate, register, manage and report on every detail of your course or event.


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Immediate ROI

Increase program revenue with online registration, maximize ROI with break-even analysis, and minimize costs and reliance on I.T. with end-user friendly technology.

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Entrinsik Enrole is an amazing resource for your registration, billing, reporting and so much more! The staff is fantastic and a joy to work with!
Kimberly Martin del Campo Texas A&M International University

Hosted / Web-based

Enrole is securely hosted and totally web-based, meaning there is no additional hardware or software setup for you to deal with. Your software is supported, maintained and upgraded by Entrinsik. You simply log on to your own secure Enrole site via a web browser, and you’re ready to use your system and create new additional data.


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Enrole - Sales Desk

Sales Desk Dashboard

The sleek and highly intuitive Sales Desk dashboard page is your one-stop dynamic hub of information where you manage the entire database of people, companies, orders and task list. With recent orders, registrants, events, and tasks laid out at your fingertips, you can instantly view your entire big picture on one screen. With simple hyperlink navigation and multiple carts in-progress facility, you can quickly link to pay now, change, substitute, or transfer registrations. If you need to collect specific information on a course or mandatory additional data at checkout, you can easily create your own user defined fields.

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Events and the Wizard

The equally stylish Events dashboard depicts the status and capacity of classes, recently updated instructors and facilities, certificate programs, allocating expenses to events and much more. Then, the step-by-step event wizard quickly leads you through the process of creating an event, class, or online course, while ensuring everything is dynamically displayed on your web Shopping Cart and other web apps. No hassle, no backtracking, just a guide through the process – it’s as easy as it should be!



Online Shopping Cart

An integrated web Shopping Cart provides a seamless e-commerce solution with enhanced SEO. Enrole dynamically populates your online course catalog, enables customers to search via keywords, instructor, or categories, with secure payments, download web media and resources, or add to your calendar. Other web features include instructor portal, check-in kiosk, and admin functions.

All of our credit card processing and suppliers are PCI DSS compliant. We store nothing in our system more than an encrypted transaction id given by the credit card processing company which then allows refunds if needed.

Instructor Portal

Your Instructors can log in and quickly view all information on their upcoming sessions, email individuals or the entire class, and view the attendee lists. Recording attendance hours, no shows, and grades for past or present classes, manage their contact information and profile biography via a web-browser.

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Reporting and Dashboard Visualizations

Enrole comes equipped with Entrinsik’s award-winning reporting and BI software, Informer, to provide users with a reporting, analytical and charting solution. Drag and drop, autocomplete and in-place editing provides users with an interactive simple to navigate interface. Reports can be scheduled to inbox email alerts, warning of class capacity issues, identify follow-up action items, and gain immediate access to all your real time data without logging into the software, with the amazing live excel feature.

Check-in Kiosk

Use the Check-In Kiosk application to quickly scan in barcoded attendee badges or membership cards at your conferences and other events, which automatically scans people in real-time for confirmed registration, outstanding balance, and records the date and time of arrival and/or departures if you require.


check-in kiosk
enrole event profitability

Event Profitability

Optimize best selection ROI on upcoming events using prior list KPIs. Make informed decisions by utilizing budget/actual/variance and break-even analysis on registration numbers, fee amounts, fixed/variable/sunk costs, and expenses. Analyze event P&L grouped by course, facility, or topic for any period range and forecast attendance using the projected count facility.

Marketing Campaigns

Optimize your marketing methodology with efficient data mining options and effectively produce and analyze marketing campaigns. Target criteria based on past participation, specific courses, interests, zip codes, shoe size! Whatever data you choose to collect – you can market to it. Then export your list data directly into your mass email service provider.

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Premium Hosted Network Security

Access your data easily from anywhere with the highest level of Internet security available. There are a number of options and a blend of top IP carriers provide a stable solution giving your business the flexibility to withstand carrier outages or performance problems, as you automatically receive bandwidth over multiple carriers. Every US time zone is covered.

Training Resources & Services

We offer various training options to get your users familiar with our system and its capabilities. Enrole is designed to be intuitive and ultimately easy to use – most of what your users would need to know can be found on our training resources page, filled with how-to user guides, online training videos, and tailored online training by request. We best fit your users’ needs with the way they prefer to learn.

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