Entrinsik’s New Home: Settling In on Six Forks

Towards the end of June this year, the staff here at Entrinsik moved into our new home in the Horizon I building on Six Forks Rd. in Raleigh, NC. Slowly but surely the new office was put together: phones and computers were hooked up, calendars and whiteboards were mounted on walls, and of course, the coffee machine was put in working order.

The main reason for the move was simple: Entrinsik has been expanding steadily and the need for more space had been apparent for some time. As usual, the search for appropriate locations took some time, but eventually the new space was chosen and renovations began.


Along with additional office spaces for current employees and plenty of room for growth, the product development team was outfitted with a communal open-area workspace more suited for collaboration.

(Right: Product Development Team Workspace under construction)

 (Below: Product Development          Workspace completed!)

A month or so later, the team here at Entrinsik is settling in, enjoying the extra space and feeling more productive than ever. We are excited about the continued growth of the company and are looking forward to the future in our new home!



Corporate Headquarters
7721 Six Forks Road, Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27615

Toll Free:  (888) 703-0016

Summit Professional Education Uses Informer to Analyze Direct Marketing Performance for Events in Real Time

Q/A with Ryan Stout at Summit Professional Education

What challenges were you facing that required improved / more timely information, Ryan?

Our overall goal was to obtain day-of product performance in a high-volume setting. In producing thousands of live events each year, all driven by a direct mail/direct response model, Summit has a predictable response pattern. This pattern is a non-linear response curve that is difficult to calculate for team members on-the-fly, especially in our high-volume setting. Knowing how well a product is performing right now, based on known averages, vastly improves on-the-fly go/no-go, marketing, and development decisions (the quicker a decision is made the better!).

How were you getting the necessary information prior to using Informer?

Prior to Informer, this analysis was always performed post-event or at the end of a product cycle and only meaningful on a large sample size. Breaking down on to a product level was simply too tedious a task to do on a regular basis. Microsoft Excel provided the necessary calculation support but instantly registration data became stale and out-of-date.

How did Informer help you to address these challenges?

Using Informer, we’re able to pull in marketing data and apply our target performance rate(s) for all upcoming products in one, very quick report. In the same report, by using Informer’s JS handling, calculated columns figure where each product is in relation to our known response curve — by calculating the percentage of registrations that should have occurred as of “today.” With this information, Informer is able to show us how far ahead or behind a product is compared to where our averages place it; and do so dynamically whenever running the report. We’ve also added in calculations for “last week” and a increase/decrease column to help spot the movers and shakers. Hiding the complex calculations in the background of Informer allows for a simple 6-8 column report that shows the important above metrics. They’re easy to read and understand for all team members during review settings.

What features of Informer were particularly useful?

Flexibility of Informer’s JS handling was key. We were able to hard-code our curve analysis into JS and do all necessary calculations. The fact that Informer doesn’t limit JavaScript execution means we can literally do any custom programming necessary as if we were developing a custom reporting/analysis app.

What organizational benefit did you realize by using this approach?

Watching product performance rise and fall daily produces much quicker decisions and product analysis. Due to our production and direct mail timeline, decisions must be made before we have final registration data available. In the past this has been a best-guess situation. Now, we’re able to adjust marketing or products mid-stream, rather than waste valuable time waiting on final data. Essentially we now have more confidence in on-the-fly adjustments as they are backed by live data.

For a demonstration of Informer or a FREE 30day trial, email sales@entrinsik.com or call 888-703-0016.

About Entrinsik…

It’s Your Data, We Help You Use It
Drinking from a fire hose isn’t fun and Entrinsik’s data reporting tools are dedicated to simple ideas:

  • Reporting tools should always be intuitive and available,
  • Collaboration is our most important currency, and
  • Reporting, dashboarding and analytics are needed by MANY people within today’s sophisticated enterprise.

Informer – Intuitive Web Based Reporting
Entrinsik’s Informer is helping valued partners such as Ben Diel, CIS System Admistrator at Central Piedmont Community College, to create a “self-sufficient” group of users able to, “create, modify and deliver reports they need to manage operational processes.” Read More Informer Case Studies

Michael Franz, CFO of R&R Insurance agrees and shares that end users use Informer every day to get the data they need to make decisions and even better, they get it easier and faster than ever before.  Every Informer Case Study and customer testimonial shares common benefits:

  • Cost Savings
  • Empowerment
  • Speed
  • Advantage

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Semtek – Managing Educational Enterprises
Semtek is a mature and trusted total back-office ERP and registration software solution for professional and continuing education, and seminar and conference industries.  Many large and leading education and seminar profit centers use Semtek Registration software to create an integrated solution capable of managing everything within today’s sophisticated operation, including accounting, marketing and a complete student registration and tracking system.  As Glen Williams from C5 Group explains:

We’ve worked with Entrinsik for 20 years. Their Semtek product is our bread and butter. We use Semtek to manage three operations in Canada, the US and UK and each manage over 700,000 constituents. There is no other registration software product at this price point that does what Semtek does for us every day.

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Used together, Entrinsik’s Semtek and Informer form a powerful approach to data management and mining and reporting, as Jeff Watjen, CEO, Summit Professional Education shares:

Semtek registration software and Informer web reporting have allowed SPE’s customer care team to double the speed and accuracy of order entry. There’s virtually no report Semtek and Informer can’t produce. Hundreds of custom reports are being utilized by our end users every day.

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